Vertigo Productions Photography

wedding & portrait photography

Product Photographer.

Products are to be dropped off at the studio and then picked up in 24-48 hours, or once the shooting is complete..
Most product photography comes on a floating white backdrop.
Product photos may be used, royalty free, for commercial purposes, unlike all other photo sessions offered by Vertigo Productions photography,  

Want to schedule a time to drop off your product(S)?  Send me a text message at 613-246-6000 and we can chat.

~Leona Julie Oates (Owner)
$49 total cost Per Product if the products are dropped off to be shot after hours.
Discounts on 30+ products dropped off all at one time.
Each product includes up to 3 edited digital images showing different perspectives
If your products cannot be dropped off, you will be required to book studio time which is priced at $125 for 15 mins, $175 for 30 mins, $249 for 60 mins and so on.