Vertigo Productions Photography

wedding & portrait photography

What you NEED TO KNOW prior to your photo session.

this does not pertain to wedding or event photography services. 

Please read this section in full prior to your appointment date.

Footwear:  If you want to wear footwear during your photo session in the studio, please bring dry, clean shoes.

Hair & Makeup:  Please ensure all hair, makeup, and nails are complete prior to your arrival at the studio (If Applicable).

Wardrobe:  Unless a wardrobe change has been previously discussed with your photographer, please arrive fully dressed and camera ready.  Some sessions allow you to change your wardrobe mid-session so please discuss this with your photographer ahead of time.

Photos & Videos:  There are to be absolutely no cell phone pictures or videos taken inside the studio at any time.

Privacy:  The door will be locked during your photo session so no one can interrupt.

Style:  Please send me photos you like that you see online, so i can get an idea of your personal style.

Appointment Times:  Please do not arrive early (someone may still be shooting, the parking spot may still be in use, or i may not be ready for you yet.)  Please do not come late (there may be back-to-back- appointments following your session, so Your time begins on schedule even if you are late.  If you miss your entire appointment and want to reschedule, you will have to pay for another time slot.)  Please arrive right on time (if your appointment is made for 11;05am, please arrive at 11;05 am.)

Locations:  Most shoots may take place in the studio, Hardy Park, Blockhouse, Mac Johnson Wildlife, ST Lawrence Park, in the clients home/yard, or any other location where we are permitted to shoot.  If you have another spot in mind please let me know.  Cake Smash sessions and Themed Mini sessions must take place in the studio.

Food & Drink:  You or your family may require a drink or a small snack during your session so don't forget to pack something.  nothing messy, crumbly, or that will stain your faces and mouths.

Model Release:  Boudoir and fitness photo sessions will not be shared online unless explicit permission is given from the client beforehand.   By booking all other photo sessions you are agreeing to let your photographer share your edited images online once they are complete.  Please inform your photographer if you are opposed to having any / All of your edited photos shared online once they are complete or if you wish not to be tagged or named etc.  

Rain & Snow Days:  If the original plan is to shoot outside, than in the event of rain or snow we will shoot in the studio or another indoor location of your choice.  You may reschedule one time due to poor weather as long as a minimum of 2 hours notice is given via text message 613-246-6000.  If you wish to reschedule for a 2nd time, for any reason, you will have to pay another 50% retainer. 

Sick Days / Sick People:  You may reschedule one time due to emergency illness as long as a minimum of 2 hours notice is given via text message to 613-246-6000.  If you wish to reschedule for a 2nd time, for any reason, you will have to pay another 50% retainer.  Please do not bring any sick people to the studio as newborn babies, pregnant women etc will be using the studio and props after you..   

Rescheduling:  You may reschedule one time for any reason if a minimum of 48 hours notice is given.  If you wish to reschedule for a 2nd time, for any reason, you will have to pay another 50% retainer.  

Travel Fees:  locations outside of Brockville will be charged $1/km.

After the Shoot:  Within 48 hour following the shoot you will get a private online album that only you can see.  this is how you will choose your proofs to be edited.  Once your images are finished they will be emailed to you..  you may wonder why your proofs have the words proof written on them.  This is to ensure they are not used without authorization as all unedited proofs are the sole property of vertigo productions photography and are incomplete works.  You may purchase as many images from your session as you like for $8 each.  All purchased images will be edited and be provided to you in 2 copies, colour and black & white.

Parking:  Marked Vertigo Productions parking is at the back of the building (by the car in the photo below).

Entrance:  37 Perth St, Brockville, On.  The studio entrance is at the side of the building; the door says Vertigo productions.  (see photo below)