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Client Reviews

Kathy MacDonald

"I just want to say how thoroughly pleased I am with every aspect of my photography session with Vertigo. I found Leona to be incredible to work with, a competent talented professional, excellent pricing, superb finished product, her expertise was clear from start to finish. I cannot wait to work with her again and I highly recommend her if you are seeking a local artist."

Ashli Cullen

"I had Vertigo Productions do my son's first photo shoot! He was crying a lot and we had to stop quite a few times. Leona was very patient and was not affected by his loud crying at all. She got lots of awesome and unique shots that we will have forever! Thanks so much! We will definitely be back for more great photos!"

Melanie Darling-Thomson

"After seeing the Boudoir special advertised on facebook I just knew that this is what my husband would love for Valentines Day. Also something he would NEVER expect me to do..Always self conscious about my body it was definitely a hurdle for me to overcome. Once I met Leona and we started taking pictures I instantly felt at ease and relaxed! Then I got the knew right away that I had made the best choice in Vertigo Productions!!!! I thank you Leona with all my heart for cracking the shell and showing me that I am a beautiful sexy mother of 4 and grandmother of 2!!!!"

Tina Mattice

"After having a child from c-section and other surgeries, I was very self conscious about my body and how myself and the people looked at it. After losing 20lbs and seeing the ad for I'd Rather Be Me. I thought now would be a great time to get over that. After having Vertigo Production do shots and my daughter I had a sense that Leona would be the perfect type of person for this job. I went there with butterflies in my stomach, but once there it was so relaxing and reassuring. All the insecurities I had quickly left. And after seeing the wonderful pictures and reading the comments from all my family and friends and even people I have never met made the choice of doing this worth wild. And it is something I would like to thank Vertigo Production and Leona for."

Natalie Tessier

"My experience with vertigo productions was incredible. I participated in the "I'd rather be me!" series and it was a great experience. I was very nervous about doing something like this but once I met Leona and started doing the shoot, I completely forgot how nervous I was. I felt so comfortable and felt like I had known her for years. I can't wait to have more photo shoots done by vertigo productions and would recommend her to everyone!"

Joanne Slate

"Vertigo Productions made my family very happy Christmas day when they opened the gift of a beautiful family portrait and my children's photos. Leona took beautiful pictures after having to change locations and deal with weather issues, and the photos turned out gorgeous. She was able to capture the qualities we all love in our kids in their smiles. She had great ideas and made it so fun. Thanks for the experience!"

Chantal Oosterhof

" Leona has done two shoots for us. One being a couple's photo shoot, and the other a family one. The couple's shoot was the first time I had ever had my pictures taken professionally. I felt nervous and unsure about how things would turn out. I will let you know that Leona is a professional in every sense of the word. She instantly made us feel comfortable, and made the shoot very natural and easy. Our pictures were outstanding and exceeded our expectations. Our family shoot went smoothly as well. We have 3 boys running around, so I wasn't sure how long they would stay put to have their pics taken. No matter how wild they got, Leona displayed patience, kindness and an understanding nature. Our pictures really reflected who we are as a family, and also how talented Leona really is. She captured some amazing moments that we will always keep with us. Thank You Leona for sharing your talent with us and capturing moments that we will cherish forever"

Jessica Mcneill
"This was my very first shoot.  Leona made it absolutely comfortable and fun. The pictures turned out even better then i hoped, she did an amazing job and i cant wait to do it again with her :)"

Ashley Earl

"100% customer satisfaction! I love love loved working with Leona. Not only does Leona make you feel very comfortable, but she's a lot of fun to work with! we had a ton of laughs. Leona is extremely talented and she is someone who makes you feel like you have known her forever. Leona makes you look and feel beautiful! she definitely brought out the little Vixen in me! I was also impressed with the amount of time she took to give you the perfect shoot. I never felt like we were rushed. We even went to St.Lawrence Park to get some different scenery shots. Leona has a great eye for different backgrounds and shot ideas. I would recommend her to anyone and I will personally go back to her for more! thanks Leona for the beautiful pictures."

Tracy Mellon

"Leona is a great person, she made my one girl feel like a model and the other like a princess.  She gives my two girls self respect, confidence and self esteem. I think her photos are not just photos but memories and great pieces of work. I would really recommend her for any photo shoots especially prom, child's photos, weddings and special events!!! Thank you for your wonderful work."

Christina McNeill

"Leona is an amazing person who has lots of wonderful ideas when It comes to young kids !! I would defiantly recommend her as a photographer !!!!"

Zack Hong

"Vertigo productions is awesome. I was new to the whole modeling thing and was really nervous. When I worked with vertigo productions I felt really comfortable. Leona was very friendly and instantly I forgot about the camera and just had fun.  The prices are amazing, and the final product is even better! I guarantee that if you choose vertigo productions, you will have a blast, and you wont be disappointed with your pictures.  I plan on having another shoot soon :)" Zack

Amy Mason

"My experience with Vertigo Productions was nothing less then fantastic! Leona was creative, patient and confident. Leona's upbeat and fun loving attitudes made the session fun and comfortable. I would recommend Vertigo Productions to anyone looking for out of this world photo's and long lasting memories! Thank you Leona....Looking forward to my next shoot already!" Amy Mason

Brittany Elizabeth

"Loved everything about my shoot, it was fantastic. Wouldn't go to another photographer. Leona knows exactly what you want and she does it with ease. Thank youuuu x1000"

Jessica Ann King

"Leona was such a joy to work with. She is very professional and made me feel more confidant with myself. She does beautiful work which relates to her personality with is fun and caring. I hopefully will do more shoots with Leona.

Courtney Laidler

"I did a just-for-fun photo shoot with Leona of Vertigo Productions and it was just that - lots of fun! Never having done a shoot before, I wasn't sure what to expect but with Leona's creative ideas and enthusiasm, it didn't take me long to lose my inhibitions. Leona is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a photographer with fresh ideas, photo variety and an undeniable talent."

Dylan Snake

"Working with Leona from Vertigo Productions was such a hilarious and fun time. Leona is nothing but a big ball of laughter, smiles, and creativity. If anyone is looking to get professional pictures done, but feel slightly insecure or maybe just a little camera shy, then you HAVE to go to LEONA! She has an amazing gift of making professional photo shoots feel like you're snapping pictures with your best friend. So don't be shy, just give her a call and I guarantee that once you talk to her you will be convinced and excited to take some amazing pictures. I had lots fun and I can't wait to work with Vertigo again!"

Janny Martin

"I had a fabulous shoot with Leona. It was so much fun and she was very professional. The compliments I've received on my photos make me feel like a 20 year old again. Thanks."  

Danielle Warren

"My experience with Leona was a blast! Being able to get photos outside was so much fun. I found her professional, easy going, extremely friendly, and positive. I am very pleased with how the photos turned out and I also learned a lot from it. I can not get over the fact that I only paid $100.00 and got 800 pictures taken for a 2 hour time frame I got to keep all the originals plus the touch up photos I selected! I’m in the Music Theater program at St. Lawrence and we hired a photographer to take our head shots and it cost me $145.00 for a 5-10 minute time slot! Only got to pick ONE photo to use and if I wanted more it was an extra 56.50 after tax! I would recommend Leona to anyone."

Sharon Crozier

"Holly and I had an amazing time at the photo shoot!!! You did an awesome job and made it so much fun! We cannot wait to see all of the photos. Thanks for making this a memorable mothers day for me and birthday for Holly! :)" 

Ryan Laroque

" I was referred to Vertigo Productions from a friend to sponsor a bikini contest for the bar that I work for, and they did an amazing job. They were very professional, and donated their time. Then they did another sponsorship for us during our Halloween contest, and showed us the same professionalism. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for professional photos."

Wes Richardson

"Just wanted to say that Vertigo Productions did a great job with my lil girl for her Christmas shots..... everyone should use em!"

Sean Casey

"Well for all the ppl who don't appreciate dark art there is the sesame st art group...there are many variations of art and is meant to be shocking to one degree or another weather it is to fill your heart with joy or make your stomach flip. Leona has a knack of capturing both beauty and as leona put it the beautifully grotesque (love Take it for what it is ART.  To limit yourself is to put up barriers....Leona you made both me and kim so comfortable during and after our shoots...YOU F***ING ROCK GIRL......KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK !!!"

Melissa Moore

"I found Vertigo Productions on Facebook and immediately contacted Leona to book a shoot. When I arrived, Leona was very warming and easy going which made me feel very comfortable. Her work is fabulous and so is her ideas and her openness."

Kim Casey

"I myself found leona through facebook and loved her work.  i then got to experience working with leona and had a blast doing so!  her work is different and creative and i cannot wait to work with her again and am glad to giver her an excellent reference! xoxox much love girl!"

Andrea H

"I had found Vertigo Productions online and has wanted to have pictures done for a while now.  Having lost my father in October to cancer he was 57.  I soon realized how fast life moves.  Around the same time the movie The Bucket List came out.  Needless to say I put it on the top of my Bucket List.  Had fun and look forward to doing another set outside this summer."

Karen Hawley
"My boyfriend and I did a photo shoot with Leona and Mike before Christmas, once I convinced my boyfriend to do it that is. He hates his picture being taken, but he liked the ones that Vertigo Productions did and so did the rest of our families. We got a lot of great compliments on them. I love them too. it was so hard for me to wait the whole week to see them, I was so excited. Thanks guys for the awesome photos and for making us feel comfortable. I think because of that photo shoot it'll be easier in the future for me to get Jason to get his photo taken. Thanks again!! "

Kathy Bygott
"Thank you so much Leona for the amazing pics..I have never loved a picture of myself more you are truly an artist!!! I look forward to doing many more shoots with you!!!"

Charity Marketing Group
"We have used Leona and Michael for quite a few product shots now. We generally require pictures on short notice and Leona and Michael are always able to accommodate. They usually have our shots back to us within 24 hours. We have used other photographers in the past but we will be sticking with Leona and Michael thanks to their excellent service."

Krista Brant

"When my daughter's school pictures came home, she wasn't happy with them. Then my son's school pictures came home and I wasn't happy with them. I had used Leona for product shots at work, so I gave her a call to see what she could do about getting some shots of the kids. As she told me all about different things that she could do, you could hear the enthusiasm in her voice; here is a person who loves her work!  The kids and I met her at the studio. My daughter was first. My daughter was all smiles as Leona made her feel like she was in a fashion model shot! It was awesome!  My son was next. He was kinda shy but Leona managed to get some great smiles out of him just by being silly with him and making him feel comfortable.  I'm not sure how long we were there but Leona didn't stop til she was sure she had some great shots of the kids.  Needless to say, I was delighted with the entire session and the pictures were amazing!  Thanks Leona " 

Trish Herbison
"In August I entered the Miss Thousand Island contest here in brockville and one first place! I ended up winning a Complete Modeling portfolio package From Vertigo Productions! I had seen how great the photos had turned out from the contest so I was very eager to get started with my own!
So just last week I got together at the studio with Leona and went picture crazy !!!  so much fun, so easy to get along with and I had a blast! Just let me tell you, I was soo nervous but once we started I was completely comfortable they just made a really nice atmosphere and had fun with me! Leona has been showing me some of the proofs and they are awesome I cant wait to see them all !!! Anyone that goes for a shoot will be blown away!! "

Bridget Bergeron
"A couple a weeks ago, I had Leona do a shoot of myself with my two daughters, Sara,7 and Rachel,3. We spent a couple of hours taking pics outside in the leaves and I must say the pics turned out amazing!! Leona nailed the type of shots I wanted and was excellent with the kids making them feel extremely comfortable. t was a pleasure to have our photos done with her and would definitely do it again!! Thanks again Leona and starting to wonder what we could do with a "winter" photo shoot !!! Bridget & the girls"

Tracy Seed
"I did a photo shoot with Leona and I was so pleased with what she did. She was great and funny and I felt at ease when taking photos. We did a few different type of photos, some just casual, others more personal, and she was great. She made me feel at ease in front of the camera and when she proofed the pics and gave them to me, it was awesome. Thanks Leona, I look forward to taking more shots." 

Kaleigh Saad
"When Leona lived in my area, I worked with her quite a few times and I was always happy with the outcome! She's even good at taking pictures with a damn cell phone, shes that talented. Also her photo shop skills are amazing as well.
Leona has a good eye for photography. I wish she'd come back to NB and help me create some more fantastic photos!" 

Amy Hawkins
"Leona is by far the best photographer I have ever worked with. She is extremely professional, insanely creative, and her personality makes her very easy to work with. She goes above and beyond any expectation to bring your vision to life, and show absolute genius when editing. I have done many shoots with her from fantasy to horror and have always been ecstatic with the results. I would trust her completely with any photo project I wanted to undertake and highly recommend her to anyone that knows how powerful an image can be."