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Vertigo Productions Photography

Leona Julie Oates

Owner / Photographer / Retoucher

Leona Julie Oates (left) with beautiful bride and best friend Michelle Millar, owner of 

Ma Belle Fitness, Gananoque Ontario.

Leona Julie Oates enjoying another artistic passion.

Leona Julie Oates (right) with the fam jam in Prince Edward Island. 

I am down to earth, I give lots of direction when shooting.  I always strive to provide you with a great time during your your photo session;  not only great photos.  So let's shoot and have a blast doing it !!

~  My first studio opening was in June of 2007, the same year I moved to Ontario and began shooting commissioned photo assignments.

~  I have a commercial store front, client parking, permits and liability insurance as a licensed business.

~  Vertigo Productions is 11 years old; I am 36 years old.

~  I haven’t had a job in over a decade.  I am a full time photographer, 100% dedicated to my craft and clients.

~  My dad had a 35mm Canon SLR camera that I fell in love with when I was a teenager; I carried it with me wherever I went and developed the photos in the dark room of my high school.

~  In 2003 I discovered photoshop and found a new obsession; to master digital art.

~  I majored in Social Work at University and worked in a group home for a year before I finding my true calling as a photographer.

~  Hobbies include:  Reality TV, scary movies, Prospecting, UFC, guitar, singing, special FX makeup, songwriting, abandoned places and rollercoasters. 

~ Speaking of rollercoasters, the name Vertigo Productions came from that exciting, thrilling, anxious feeling of vertigo I got during a rollercoaster ride or during the time I quit my job and dropped everything in persuit of a career in photography.

~  I have an old Himalayan cat named Noah.

~  My secret dream is to move to Milan Italy and shoot for Vogue Italia.

~  I thoroughly enjoy making people happy through my photography.  If I can bring someone a little more confidence through my lens, a little joy, a little nostalgia, then I feel I have truly accomplished something special.