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Christmas Studio Specials 2022

there will be 2 different holiday photo sets in the studio this year. 
Photos of the sets are coming mid October
Sets can be used for family, couples, pregnancy, newborn, children, or boudoir.  Pets are welcome!

Traditional Christmas Set
Gingerbread Man Kitchen
Full Session $375
(Booking Fee is $75 - Sitting Fee is $300)
sitting is for 1-6 people from the same household
90 Minutes of studio time
40 digital images (lightly edited)
May use BOTH holiday sets

Most Popular Session $275
(booking Fee is $75 - Sitting Fee is $200)
sitting is for 1-6 people from the same household
60 Minutes of studio time
30 digital images (lightly edited)

Sample Session $175
(Booking Fee is $75 - Sitting Fee is $100)
sitting is for 1-6 people from the same household
30 Minutes of studio time
20 digital images (lightly edited)

Mini Session $125
(Booking Fee is $50 - Sitting Fee is $75)
sitting is for 1-3 people from the same household
15 Minutes of studio time
10 digital images (lightly edited)
time slots cannot be extended at the last minute.  If you worry you may need more time, be sure to book the sample session or longer. 
Booking Agreement

by booking a session you are giving your acknowledgement that have read this page in full and you agree with and understand everything you've read on this page.

Photo Selection (read carefully):  There will be no client photo selections this year.  The photographer will be choosing the best variety of photos from each set that the client will receive..  Clients will not be viewing the photo proofs this year.  Instead, each package includes 5-10 extra images, to account for the change in procedure.  This new policy is currently only effecting these holiday packages.  This policy cannot be negotiated..    

Delivery of completed images: 
There are 2 options to receive your completed images.  This selection will be chosen prior to buying a time slot.  Email which is free or on a USB stick (instead of email, not in addition to email) for a $25 administration fee.
Re-Delivery of Images:  Once you receive your edited digital images be sure to back them up so you don't lose them.  There is a $25 administration fee to have the images re-sent to you via email and a $49 administration fee to receive them again on a USB stick.  Images are only guaranteed to be available from your photographer for 30 days after they have been delivered the first time.

Availability:  All sessions are by appointment only.  Weekends, evenings and holidays book up in advance.  Morning, afternoon and early evening time slots are available.  These sessions take place in the studio.  If you want to shoot outside please ask for those packages.  time slots cannot be extended at the last minute.  If you worry you may need more time, be sure to book the sample session or longer. 

The Booking Fee:  A non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee is due via email money transfer when you book a time slot for a photo shoot.  Non-refundable means you will not be refunded if you cancel your time slot.  Non-Transferable means you cannot change your time slot to another date or time without paying for another time slot.  Any changed appointment date or time will require a new booking fee.  These sessions are limited edition and for a limited time., so time slots are even more valuable.  this is not a deposit! this is not a down payment!

The session fee: A session fee is due when you arrive at the studio or shoot location for your scheduled time slot (cash upon arrival, or Email Money Transfer prior to arrival).  The session fee pays for a limited copyright license to print/upload your final images, your photographers time/talent during your session, your photographers time following your session (Communicating, uploading, culling, processing, editing, emailing your final images, etc) 

In the event that you are late:  Your shooting time is limited to the time slot you've purchased.  Please don't enter the studio or knock on the door any sooner than a maximum of 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot.  If you have children who may be uncooperative, please book enough time to compensate for this.  Sometimes all a child needs is a few minutes to relax before cooperating.  Vertigo will not be held liable for missed photos due to client cooperation whether it be due to lateness, distracting guests or uncooperative models.  If your shoot begins late you will still be charged the full session fee and no additional time will be given.  If you have a feeling you're going to be late the best option is to cancel your session with a minimum of 2 hours notice and then buy another time slot for a future date.  Cancellations without a minimum of 2 hours notice or no-call-no-shows may result in your photographers refusal to book with you again in the future.  Please remember, photography is a service, not a product.  What you're buying is your photographers time and talent.  the photo set you receive is merely the result of the time & effort that you've purchased. 

Guest Policy:  A guest is someone who is not being photographed and is not the chaperone of any children being photographed.  Guests are not permitted for multi person photo sessions unless the guest is imperative to having a successful shoot.  Solo clients may bring one guest with them.  Guests will sit/stand where the photographer instructs them in order to best avoid interference..  Guests and models are never to stand behind the photographer.  Please be very mindful of bringing a guest as they may unintentionally distract or interfere with the overall outcome of the session.  Guests are asked not to go in and out of the studio when a session is in progress. 
Cell Phone Policy;  There are to be absolutely no photos or videos taken inside the studio at any time, for any reason.
Light Editing:  May include:  overall aesthetic changes, crop, straighten, teeth whitening and blemish removal,

Black & White:  Black & white or sepia toned copies of your photo set may be negotiated prior to booking.

Filters:  No one other than Vertigo has the right to edit or manipulate the images in any way.  Do not ever add Facebook filters, Instagram filters, black & white filters etc to your images by Vertigo.  doing so is copyright infringement.

Schedule of completed images:  Turnaround time is 2 weeks.  Please be patient; It will only delay your photographers progress if their work flow is interrupted by update requests.  Priority requests for quicker image completion may be negotiated prior to booking only.  The best option is to book your session in advance. 

Printing License:  Your completed images will include a limited use copyright license allowing you to print and upload as often as you like..  No prints are included in any package by Vertigo.  For printing services Vertigo recommends "the copy shop", who are located down the road from the photo studio.  Vertigo doesn't believe in buying prints, then selling them to clients for double the price.  No one wants an expensive middle man in order to get beautiful prints. 

Photo Credit:  Vertigo no longer uses a watermark on their images.  In exchange for images that do not have a business name stamped in the middle of them, the client agrees to give proper credit to Vertigo Productions Photography in the post caption every single time the images are posted somewhere.  This may seem inconvenient but well worth it to not have words stamped in the middle of your images.

Model Release:  vertigo retains the right to share, post and edit images of your likeness. through any medium, for advertising purposes.  Terms of this model release may only be negotiated prior to booking.  The exception to this automatic model release is for scantily clad boudoir sessions.  Boudoir images will remain private unless permission is given by the client following final delivery of the completed images.

Studio Location:  The studio is located at 37 Perth Street in Brockville Ontario.  On the corner of Perth and Church.  Please enter the studio through the side door entrance only.  marked Vertigo parking is located at the back of the building.

Lighting: Lighting styles that may be used will include Flash.  Please let your photographer know if you have any medically induced sensitivities to flashing or blinking lights.

Glasses:  The photographer will have more creative freedom shooting models without glasses.  Glasses that do not have any anti-glare coating may show glare from the studio lights or speed-lights.  Please choose glasses that have anti-glare coatings for your photo session.  Glasses that are "progressives" may not be sunglasses, but outdoors and in your photos they will look like sunglasses.  Please choose non-progressive glasses for your outdoor photo session.  Progressive lenses may take up to 10 minutes to fully become clear again after returning indoors.  If you choose to wear your progressive lenses for your photo session, please keep them in clear condition before arriving to the studio.

Wardrobe:  Please discuss wardrobe options with your photographer before your time slot.  The Vertigo client closet includes access to maternity gowns, lingerie and newborn outfits only,  clients are otherwise responsible for their own attire and footwear.  Remember to remove elastic hair bands or other unwanted accessories from your wrists and neck before shooting.  please remove cell phones, wallets etc from pockets.  

Footwear Policy:  bring clean, dry, pebble-free, gum-free shoes to change into when you arrive at the studio.  Floors may consist of delicate materials such as faux Fur carpets, vinyl, microfiber or paper floor-drops which are easily destroyed with outdoor footwear.  For the traditional Christmas set feet will appear in some poses, so feet are important to your shoot wardrobe.  So choose shoes, nail polish, socks, slippers etc to match your wardrobe.  Adult feet will not appear in the gingerbread man kitchen set, they will be hidden behind a faux kitchen counter.  Any small children sitting on the counters feet will show in some images.         

Liability:  Vertigo carries liability insurance.  The studio is wheelchair accessible.  All equipment is carried in duplicate in case of malfunction.

Direct Contact Info:
Text Message:  613-246-6000
Facebook (please follow): Vertigo Productions Photography 
Instagram (Please follow): @vertigo_productions

Payment Info:  
Appointment times are only guaranteed for up to 30 minutes after they are offered.  Once everything has been arranged with your photographer please send an email money transfer to: 
Requested secret question:  What is the name of the studio? 
Requested secret answer:  vertigo

How to Book:  Fill out the booking form below and send an emt for your booking fee.  Your payment will not be accepted until a time slot has been confirmed.  If there are no time slots that we can agree on, you can cancel your emt.   

Booking Form.

Thank you for your submission, Leona will confirm your booking as soon as possible. If this is urgent please send a text message 613-246-6000.
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Photos of the 2022 sets are coming Mid October.

Here are photos of sets in years past to show an example of my creations.