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Boudoir Model Call

Booking an appointment means you have read this

 page in full, that you understand everything and

 that you agree to everything.

What is a Vertigo Boudoir Model?

Do you want to be featured as a solo boudoir model on the

 Vertigo Productions Website and social medias?  Do you

 want to model for lingerie and implied nude photo

 shoots?  Apply now to become a Vertigo boudoir model!

  Vertigo boudoir models will do their solo boudoir shoots

 at a discounted rate. 

Perks of being a Vertigo Boudoir Model:

Save Money: 

Receive the following discounts on a boudoir photoshoot.

35% off a solo boudoir packages.



Everyone will want to be a baddie like you.



This will give you tons of local exposure.


Modeling experience with a full

time photographer who has nearly 2 decades of




You will have stunning images for your portfolio.

Future Modeling Opportunities: 

Having images like ours will have amateur and hobbyist 

photographers knocking down your door to shoot with

 you.  The sky is the limit for your modeling if you have 

high quality modeling images in your portfolio.

Requirements of becoming a Vertigo Boudoir Model:

Email an application:

 If you are not chosen to be a Vertigo model please

 understand that there are limited spots available.

 Please note that return clients have the best chance of

 being chosen because I'm familiar with their modeling

 abilities.  You can always shoot at full price and hope for a

 future call-back to shoot at the discounted model call rate.

Model Release:  

Must sign an irrevocable model release.


Modeling in both lingerie and implied nude.  Implied nude

means you appear nude but the camera cannot see any of

your privates (posing with bed sheets covering you).  All

 "model call" photos will be social media friendly. 

Styling Requirements:  

No tan lines, hair, makeup, eyebrows, grooming, toe nails,

 finger nails done before you arrive for your photoshoot.

Email the following information about yourself:



-Facebook Handle

-Instagram Handle

-TikTok Handle

-Why do you want to model?

-What experience do you have? 

-Is there anyone in your life who may request the images

 be removed from the web at any point?

(family, partners, employer, friends, family etc).

If you decide

 you no longer want your images posted online, you may

 cancel your contract by paying the amount you saved in

 signing said contract (35% session fee).

-Is there anyone in your life who may not support this


-Are you proficient with doing your own hair & makeup?

-Which solo boudoir package are you interested in

 purchasing for 35% off?


-Include a current full body selfie, a face selfie and

 professional photos of yourself modeling if you have any.

-Do you understand this model call is for lingerie & implied

nude sessions ONLY?  No other category will be


-What date(s) do you have in mind for your photoshoot?

Email your application

June's Boudoir Set is The Teal Room.

  July's room will be Dark Chocolate

Click HERE to view the client closet.

Terms & Conditions to be read prior to booking.

Payment Methods:

Email Money Transfer


Booking Fee:

An appointment is BOOKED once a $99 non-

refundable, non-transferable booking fee has been paid by

 email money transfer.  This fee is subtracted from the total

 cost of your package.

Remaining Balance:

You may send another EMT before you arrive to your

 appointment, or you may pay with cash when you arrive at

 the studio or shoot location.


Now and then I'm asked why I do not include champagne
or other alcohol with my boudoir packages, the reason is

 because it is illegal to do so.  Everyone requires a liquor

 license to sell alcohol and that includes giving it out for

 free, whether it is considered an incentive to book a

 session or outright included in a businesses pricing


Reschedule Once:

$0.00 if a minimum of 48 hours notice is given.

$99.00 if LESS than 48 hours notice is given.

Snow (All Appointments):

Both photographer and client has the right to reschedule

 any shoot at their discretion due to winter weather which

 may cause hazardous driving conditions with 24 hours

 notice.  Please check the weather forecast 24 hours prior

 to your appointment to determine if rescheduling is

 required with 24 hours notice.


The day of your appointment please have your ringer

turned on and check your email to stay informed on the

 status of your appointment.

Punctuality Policy:

Don't be early.  Arrive to studio appointments no sooner

than 5 minutes prior to your start time.  The photographer

uses the time between appointments to prepare the studio

 for the next session.  Don't be late.  Time slots cannot be

 reduced or upgraded at the last minute.

Guests Policy:

(A guest is a person who is not having their photo taken).

To reduce the photographers exposure to viruses and to

 limit distractions which WILL effect the overall outcome of

 the shoot, guests are not permitted in the studio unless

 express permission is granted BEFORE booking.  Vertigo

 Productions will not be held liable for photos not taken

 due to guest distractions.

Age Policy:

Boudoir sessions are for women age 19+.

Behind The Scenes Photos:

No Behind The Scenes (BTS) photos or videos are to be

 taken in the studio at any time.


Notify the photographer;  prior to booking, of any medically

 induced sensitivities to flashing or blinking lights.


The photographer will have more creative freedom

 shooting models without glasses. Let your photographer

 know prior to shooting if you want to wear glasses during

 your session.

Retouching (Included):

Temporary blemishes:  Pimples, bruises, scratches, cold

 sores and a light skin smoothing (digital foundation).

Extensive Image Manipulation:

Preventable retouching is billed at an

 hourly rate include but are not limited to:  

Tan, makeup, hair roots, body hair, teeth,

 jewelry that doesn't lay properly or has rotated to an

 unwanted position, fingernail paint chips, toenail paint

 chips, marks or indents on the skin caused by garments,

socks & accessories.

Tips / FAQ

-Arrive with hair and makeup ready to shoot.

-Arrive with finger and toenail polish NOT chipped.

-Arrive with unwanted facial and body hair removed.

-Remove unwanted jewelry & accessories prior to arrival.

-Use teeth whitening applications prior to shooting.

-Practice your facial expressions in the mirror.

-All studio sessions are private; the door will be locked so 

no one can walk in uninvited.

-Avoid acquiring aggressive tan lines prior to shooting.

Fresh Face Aesthetics, also located at 37 Perth

 Street offers many beauty services.

-Ensure your skin is exfoliated and moisturized but do not

apply lotions or oils close to your appointment if you're

shooting boudoir because it will stain the satin sheets.

-No sparkles on your skin or hair if you're shooting

boudoir because it will stain the satin sheets.

-Hair down; clips get in the way when posing on your back.

-Avoid wearing anything other than bagging clothing prior

 to shooting; socks, bras, underwear, jewelry, hair ties on

 wrists etc.   All of these items WILL leave marks on the

skin that will be very costly and time consuming to

 retouch.  Preventable retouches are NOT included and

 will be billed at an hourly rate if requested.  It's a bad

 idea to wear your "first outfit" under your baggy clothes

 because the time you spend sitting in the car on the way

 over is long enough to leave marks on your skin which

 you WILL see in the photos.

-A wind Machine is available for hair movement.

-A fog machine is available for a smoky effect.

-A model release IS required for "model call" discounts.

-Relax and trust that you're in good hands.


The Vertigo client closet for women includes access to

maternity gowns, lingerie, high heels, jewelry, accessories

 for women along with newborn outfits,  clients are

 otherwise responsible for their own attire and footwear.

Footwear Policy:

Boudoir sessions will show feet.  If you don't have a pair of

 heels please let your photographer know your shoe size. 

Accessibility & Liability:

The studio is wheelchair accessible and carries business

 liability insurance.  All equipment is carried in duplicate in

 case something should malfunction.  Dual In-camera

 memory cards record every photo in duplicate in case one

 should malfunction.

No Refunds Policy:

Photography is a service so all payments are final, non-

refundable and non-transferable.   Unlike physical

 merchandise, it is impossible for digital products to be

 returned or exchanged once they have been delivered.

  Re-shoots will only be offered in the event of unforeseen

 technical errors while shooting or in the event that images

 from a shoot cannot be delivered.

Photo Selections:

7 business days following a shoot, you will receive an

 email with low resolution, watermarked images.  These

are provided for the sole purpose of choosing which

 images are to be included in your photo set.  The proofs

are not to be shared, saved or posted online for any

reason. The deadline for clients to choose their own photo

 selections is 2 weeks from the time they are delivered.  If

 a list of selections has not been received by the deadline;

 without notice, the photographer will automatically choose

 which images are included.  These deadlines are

 mandatory in order to properly manage workflow. 

Schedule of completed images:

Depending how long it takes you to choose your photo

 selections, typical turnaround is 2 weeks.  Please be

 patient, it will delay the photographers progress if their

work flow is interrupted by update requests.  Rush orders

 (48 hrs) may only be requested prior to booking for $200.

Model Release:

Models chosen for a "Boudoir Model Call" discount will

 sign a full model release.  Clients paying full price may

 keep their photo sessions private and confidential.

Breach of Contract (Boudoir Model Call):

If at any point within 3 years following your session you

 decide you no longer want your images posted online, you

 may cancel your contract by paying the amount you saved

 in signing said contract (35% session fee, 50% for

 additional images).  After 3 years you may request a

removal of the images at no cost.

Re-Delivery of Images:

Clients are responsible for backing up their digital images

 once they have been delivered.  Images are only available

 for 30 days after completion.  Be SURE your email

 address allows images to be attached that are up to 26MB

 in size.  Be SURE the email address you provide has

 been checked and has sufficient storage to receive your

emailed images.  These are large files, so uploading them

to an email takes time.  There will be a $50 admin fee

incurred for images that bounce back to due to size or

 storage limits should you request your images be

emailed more than once.


No one other than Vertigo Productions Photography has

 the right to edit or manipulate the images in any way.

   Adding Facebook filters, Instagram filters, black & white

 filters etc to images by Vertigo Productions Photography

 is considered copyright infringement and us illegal.  If you

want black & white images discuss this with your

 photographer prior to booking.

Digital Images:

All images purchased at Vertigo Productions Photography

 are in digital format.  Prints are not offered or included.

  A license to print your photos whenever you want is

 included in every package. Yes you read that correctly,

we actually INCLUDE printing rights! We do not buy prints

 or photo books from a printing company then sell them to

 our clients for a small fortune. We allow our clients to go

 straight to the printing source, saving them hundreds or

 even thousands of dollars on inflation fees.  Don't worry,

 we will introduce you to a brilliant female print artist who

 will accommodate all of your boudoir printing needs.

Printing License:

Completed images will include a limited use copyright

 license allowing the client to print and upload as often as

 they like.  For printing services Vertigo recommends

The Copy Shop, who are located down the road from the

photo studio at 150 Perth St. Brockville.  Ask for Brittney.

Print Sizes:

Vertigo Productions Photography’s images are standard

 2:3 aspect ratio.  Please be aware of these sizes when

 purchasing frames and/or having prints made.

2x3, 4x6, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36

If this topic is a concern, please discuss it prior to


Digital Signature:

Booking a shoot confirms that you have read this

 page in full, that you understand everything and that you

 agree to everything.  Read carefully and ask your

 questions prior to booking.