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                                                                                     Vertigo Productions Boudoir Client Reviews
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Melanie Dawn Darling-Thomson 

"I was so hesitant to do my shoot..after much, much thought I did it!!! I had never had positive confidence about my body image...after 4 kids & now a grandmother! It was the best thing I ever could have done!! Leona made me feel so comfortable! It was so much fun!!! (And I'm going to do it again :). )"


Wendy Riess 

"I also did the shoot, I was hesitant also but I went for it. She made me feel so comfortable and once she started shooting it was so much fun, I am a mom of 4 .... And didn't think I'd ever have the courage to do it, I'm so glad I did , and will probably be doing another :)"


Julia Nulis

"Leona is a true professional. I've had the opportunity to work with her on several different photo shoots. The studio is clean, private and has a laid back atmosphere. It was very easy to warm up to Leona. She gives positive reinforcement (hold that pose, you look beautiful. Smile big, you're gorgeous etc). I felt at ease. She is also very good at positioning you in the most flattering angles, so you can look and feel amazing about your photos. She's not just a professional photographer, but she is my friend and a truly inspirational woman. I always look forward to shooting with her."

Sabrina Jodoin 

"I have not had a boudoir photo shoot . However when posing for the pregnancy photos, i was only in my underpants. I'm a very shy and not very confident about my body. Let alone being pregnant. As the shoot went on she made me feel confident, safe n was having fun. It's a great environment that she has. Makes you feel at home. By the end there i was standing almost naked, n ok about it. So let me tell you something. . I would not hesitate to do one with this fabulous person."


Tina Kirkby  

"I did a shoot of I'd rather be me and let me tell you I was so nervous..especially after a baby, c section and other surgeries. But the understanding and comfort that Leona gave was amazing. It made me feel so comfortable. I am looking to make a few more changes and do it again. And the feeling once you see the results is something that will make all the nervousness go away. Good Luck and remember your beautiful. ♡"


Ashleigh Keller

"After having three kids, my body sure wasn't what it used to be, but a boudoir shoot sounded so fun, especially as a nice gift to my hubby. Leona made me feel comfortable and beautiful, and the shots she got were would definitely do it again!"


Sonia Gleason

"I have shot with Leona, and trust me girls she is so easy going and walks u through step by step. Everyone is nervous their first second third time. It's natural to be. I only wished I had someone to help me along like this my first time. Now it's a walk in the park!! 😊"


 Melanie Pearce

"I've done photo shoots before in the past but never anything that involved actually taking off my clothes because I was always afraid to and afraid of it being posted. However, I did a shoot with Leona and the minute I met her I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable around her and I honestly have not felt that comfortable around any photographers. I highly recommend Leona especially if your doing boudoir shoots. I was very pleased with the results, I got my pictures back faster than I ever have and the pictures are kept private if you choose to want them to be :)"


Melissa Markwell

"I had a blast doing this shoot. I was unsure walking in what to expect but very quickly felt like it wasn't my first time and was very comfortable in the environment. I loved the pictures as well as my husband and will defiantly be doing it again."


Chloe Skelton

"Leona is such a kind and down to earth person, and her great personality and studio environment make her a delight to work with!"


Jessica McNeill Scott 

"I was extremely nervous when i went to do my boudoir shoot the first time but within minutes of being there Leona had made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed and the photos turned out beautiful! I had a great time doing it and had so much fun. Its always nerve racking when you do something like this but Leona is very personable and its obvious she loves what she does and wants the person she is shooting to feel at ease. I would definitely do it again!"


Beckah Lola

"I have done two photos hoots with Leona, and both times was an amazing experience! She is very professional and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I was hesitant before doing my "I'd rather be me shoot"' but as soon as I got there Leona make me feel comfortable, confident and excited to start. She even helped me feel comfortable with not only doing a naked shoot but also with using a 10 foot boa live boa as a prop. I was extremely happy with the results of both of my shoots and cannot wait to get another one done with Leona! I highly recommend her to anyone!"


Amy Lynch-Mason

"One thing I can assure anyone is that there is no better person to do this with than Leona Oates! I was very nervous and self conscious but she made me feel comfortable and safe... In the end it was fun and I was proud to conquer my fears!"


Calli Guyett

"I had so much fun doing my shoot. I used my own ideas and Leona worked to accommodate my ideas. I never once felt uncomfortable,Judged or insecure even completely nude. It was very professional and made me feel confident seeing the finished product and what she was able to capture through her camera!"


Kate Duguay

"I just had my shoot done this past Friday and LOVED it!! Don't get me wrong- I had the certificate sitting in my purse for over a year and I kept procrastinating on doing it because I never felt like I was physically ready enough to do it. Finally I bit the bullet and booked without cancelling! Leona is absolutely amazing at what she does and walking around with my boobs hanging out was not big deal at all! I have many health problems including Crohn's disease, an illeostomy, bleed in my brain and early stages of MS so I needed to do this for my confidence as well as showing other women living with an ostomy that you can be beautiful even with a poop bag! I recommend Leona any day and I hope that all you out there feeling nervous and putting it off, I guarantee you, you will not regret it! Have fun and smile :)"


Meggs DeDekker

"It was by far the best experience of my life doing a boudoir photo shoot! I never really thought a lot of myself and the way I look and how my body looks but it gives you such an outlook about yourself, if u just want that little boots of encouragement for yourself, I defiantly recommend this for sure! Don't matter how big or small you all are, you are beautiful in your own simple little way! And what I found I loved most about myself is my smile, and eyes!! Xox"


Jenn McWilliams

"Leona is the very first photographer i ever worked with,when i met her i was very shy and easily intimidated,i also didn't think i would ever do a photo shoot..i found myself plain compared to most girls. i have done all sorts of shoots with her now...including an implied nude shoot. it is by far one of my favorite shoots. i have been comfortable with her since the first time i met her and after years of shooting and hanging out i can proudly call her one of my best friends. she has helped me grow as a person and come out of my shell. she is very professional & incredibly friendly. the studio is clean,privacy for changing. she listens to what you want, and also helps you with creative ideas.with posing,angles, location,etc it doesn't matter what colour your skin is, what size you are, your sexuality, she has a way of showing you how beautiful you truly are...its a huge confidence boost. Leona does a wide range of shoots, you can always start off with an outdoor shoot, or a glam shoot, something fun... and when you feel comfortable try boudoir"


Tina Melbourne

"Leona is fantastic to work with. She immediately puts you at ease and is very professional in her demeanor. Leona is creative with the shots. I was nervous to do a shoot, as I'm not that comfortable with my body but she made me feel comfortable and guided my movements to get great shots. I was so pleased with the whole experience. I have had two shoots with her and am booking a third."


Steph Beatty

"Leona is a fantastic photographer and a great confidence booster!! Just take a look at her story and her shots. Don't be afraid ladies to go in and have a shoot done. She will guide you right down to where to put your hands and how to bend to flaunt what you have making you look amazing no matter what size or shape you Don't be afraid ladies and get a hold of her today and get your boudoir shoot done! By far my favorite pictures she has done. Don't be afraid to ask her question and don't be shy ! Bring whatever music or person is going to get u into that comfort zone even more :) she is open to whatever makes you happy! So get in there and do it no more excuses ladies you got this is totally private!! :)"


Christine Bergeron  

"I had the privilege of having my first boudoir photoshoot today with this lovely lady, not only did she make me feel comfortable and brought me outta my shell, but she made it fun, by the end all insecurities were gone and the pictures turned out beautifully, I almost didn't recognize myself lol she was wonderful with all the little things like posing, and helping me choose the perfect outfit for each shot. I would recommend her to everybody. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!! :)"


Bridget Serson

"One word to describe my experience... AMAZING!!! I was very nervous at first, but Leona made me comfortable in a matter of minutes into the shoot. She had great ideas for different poses and nothing ever felt awkward. The level of professionalism was nothing less than perfect and the quality of my photos was excellent. I have done two separate boudoir sessions with Leona and would not hesitate to do another. I would definitely recommend her to anyone :)"


 Natasha Thompson

"If you are shy, awkward, self conscious or just need to go and see Leona Julie Oates to have your photo shoot done! Not only is she a great photographer.. but she is down to earth, she is funny, and makes you feel like this isn't your first time...even if it is!! Her coaching is fantastic and professional and she makes you feel beautiful in front of and behind the camera lens. (No Judgement...even when your wardrobe has a malfunction!) Lol :) .. She will guide you in every pose, where to put this and how to bend that to make you look and feel confident and glamorous! I was nervous for about 5 minutes when i walked in...but her attitude and the atmosphere in her shop quickly changed all of that for me! I will be going back again for sure. Thank you so much Leona! Keep up the great work ;)"


Natalie Tessier

"I've had 2 children and I'm a plus size woman with very low self confidence. Within minutes, I felt like a was the queen of the world. Leona, helped me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the shoot. I definitely recommend you go see her for any kind of shoot :)"


Tara Chenier-Beach

"Never would have thought I would have done this, but I took a leap...and loved it! Leona not only made it comfortable, but fun! Would definitely suggest any and every woman do this at least once! It's great to see yourself in a different light. Allow yourself to feel beautiful, at any age, or any size! :-)"


 Susan Nielsen

"Leona makes you feel comfortable, so if you are shy or nervous, put those feelings aside, she has a way of making you feel very comfortable and at the same time, feel very 'beautiful'. Highly recommend it, treat yourself!"


Michelle Millar

"Leona is the absolute best when it comes to making you comfortable and feeling beautiful! I first shot with Leona in 2009 and I had no idea what I was doing! She made me feel like the most beautiful person and I left me feeling amazing after our shoot... Best way to feel good about yourself. She finds poses that work best for your body and accentuates the beautiful parts of your body!!! Just do it you will never regret"


 Dia Slate-Burns

'"Leona is amazing! She makes you feel so confident and comfortable no matter what kind of shoot your doing. After 2 minutes in front of her camera and you instantly feel like a rock star.All of the shoots I have done with her turn out 1000x better than I ever could imagine & I will definitely be booking a boudoir shoot as soon as I have this baby:)"


Brenda Brown

"It took me a long time to think of myself as having a nice body. I thought about doing a boudoir shoot for a long time. Then I decided to jump at the chance when she had a special deal on, like she does now. Knowing I didn't have to book it right a way helped also. Leona made me overcome my shyness & have so much fun at the shoot. I felt so good about myself when I walked out of the was an awesome feeling. She is a great photographer & makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. So don't think twice about giving it a try, you will be glad you did!!! My pics turned out awesome!!! <3"